Some Quick Website and SEO Questions and Answers

What exactly is SEO?

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. It is the digital marketing process of helping a website rank highly in search engines. It allows websites to be found by customers through search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing without having to use “paid-ads” to appear in the results.

Why do I need SEO?

More and more people turn to search engines as their first method of finding a company to fulfill a product or service need. In fact, there are 6,586,013,574 searches a day worldwide, which in words is six billion, five hundred eighty-six million, thirteen thousand, five hundred and seventy-four. 70% of the links search users click on are organic, meaning that they are not paid ads but rather sites that naturally appear in search results as being relevant results. In fact, 70-80% of users ignore the paid ads, focusing on the organic results only. Most importantly, your company needs to be on the first page of any results, as 75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results. We can get you there.

Search statistics from: SearchEngineJournal and SmartInsights

How many people really use search?

93% of online experiences begin with a search engine, and search is the #1 driver of traffic to content sites, beating social media by more than 300%. It’s time to focus on your website and it’s search engine optimization. Stop letting customers find your competitors. They need to find you, learn about you, and purchase from you. SEO leads have a 14.6% close rate, while outbound leads (such as direct mail or print advertising) have a 1.7% close rate. Get the most from your marketing budget by using our Michigan search engine optimization services.


Statistics from: Imforza

I have a website, why do I need to rank highly?

With 75% of search users never looking past the first page of search results, if you’re past those top results, you’re basically ignored. If your company ranks lower than your local competition, customers will spend their money with your local Michigan competitors. Stop this trend of losing money. Just because your website exists, doesn’t mean that Google or other search engines consider it valuable. That’s where our Michigan SEO services come in, ensuring that your website not only exists, but that it becomes a valuable resource that search engines find more relevant than your local competition.

How can DMG Computer help my website?

We have been designing websites and performing SEO since 2001, while also providing IT services to local companies in Southeast Michigan. With this amount of experience, you should have the utmost confidence in our abilities. We have designed over 250 websites now, while having helped with hundreds more. Clients have experienced significant boosts in their search rankings due to our tried and true SEO services. Why wait? You can be the next company to enjoy the tidal wave of business that we can bring you. Contact us today.

Do I have to continuously do SEO?

Think of SEO as a living and breathing creature. Like any creature, the more you feed it and work with it, the quicker it’ll grow and improve. With SEO, if you stop doing what works for your site now, things will decline. Just like how it takes time for the search engine optimization of your website to get you ranked highly, it takes time to fall out of those rankings. However, this process is generally significantly quicker, especially in competitive industries.

How quickly will I see SEO results?

Improving your search rankings takes time. The more competitive your industry or keyword focus is, the longer it will take to rank highly. Ranking for local keyword and keyphrases generally happens faster than more generic keyword targets. Example: “Rochester Michigan Chiropractor” ranks a lot faster than simply “Michigan Chiropractor.” We’ve had some of our own websites and clients’ websites rank on page one in as little as two weeks, while others have taken several months. On average, it takes between two and three months to get to page one using our Michigan SEO services.

Do you use black-hat techniques?

In SEO, there are those who use black-hat techniques, others that use white-hat SEO techniques, and some that even use some sort of mix of both in a grey area. Black-hat techniques are those that Google (especially) and other search engines not only frown upon, but can penalize your website for. Think of black-hat SEOs as the shadowy underworld of criminals that try to scam the search engines into ranking a website highly. Just like criminals in real life, they are constantly trying to not be caught and punished, while trying to gain traffic, money, etc. in the meantime. White-hat techniques are those search engine optimization methods that Google and others both promote and reward websites for using. White-hats are the good guys of SEO. They try to always do the right thing, even if it takes longer to experience the results. We only utilize white-hat techniques so that your website is both rewarded and is never penalized.

We have an old website, can you still optimize it?

Yes, we can optimize old websites for higher rankings. However, unless your old website was setup with SEO in mind, it’s generally best to have a website that’s up to date. All of our websites are created with the visitor first and foremost, but with that, search engine optimization naturally follows. Websites are rewarded for being natural, and actually penalized for being over-optimized. All of our websites are built with this organic SEO right from the start.

Will my website look good on phones and tablets?

Yes. All of our website designs are responsive and mobile-friendly. A responsive website simple means that the website “responds” to the screen of the device you are using to view it. So, if you view a website that we design, it’ll look good on a desktop monitor, a laptop screen, a tablet / iPad, and even a cellphone / iPhone.

What type of IT services do you provide?

Since 2001, DMG Computer has provided local Michigan companies with a solution to their IT needs. If you don’t have a dedicated IT person on staff, or even if you do, we offer cost-effective solutions to your IT needs. We can ensure that your office is networked wired and wirelessly, that your computer systems are up-to-date and running well, that your printers and phones operate properly, and more.

How can a database help our organization?

Are you the king or queen of spreadsheets? Are you drowning in spreadsheets? Any data that is stored in an Excel spreadsheet can be better stored in a database. We utilize Microsoft Access to create custom database solutions for our clients. This allows multiple people to interact with the same data at the same time, while also having the ability to do significantly more with that data. Your data must be correctly collected, stored, and utilized in order to effectively help you or your company. DMG Computer can help design and develop a database system from scratch, or take-over an already existing system with ease. From complex queries to detailed forms and reports, DMG Computer will allow your data to work for you. Once you have a database system up and running, we can help keep it running, or improve it beyond its current abilities. Our database maintenance solutions allow your data, and your database system, to remain up to date and up to speed without breaking the bank.

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